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CalStateTEACH Faculty and Administrators

CalStateTEACH employs more than 70 full and part time faculty (LSFs). They are CSU faculty members who have special skills in teaching this unique Internet supported model. The LSFs have a wealth of experience as former teachers and administrators, and CalStateTEACH is committed to providing ongoing professional development so LSFs can maintain their up-to-date expertise.

LSFs are trained in the Haberman Foundation's Star Teacher Selection Interview process to identify the best candidates for admission to CalStateTEACH. Additionally they attend a variety of educational association conferences.

Each year, LSFs attend a CalStateTEACH professional development conference. This conference is designed specifically for CalStateTEACH, and focus on curriculum, technology and other areas critical to teacher preparation. CalStateTEACH is also supported by the CalStateTEACH Technology Enhancement Project (CSTEP).

CSTEP is funded through the U.S. Department of Education's "Preparing Tomorrow's Teachers to Use Technology" (PT3) program. One of 225 nationwide PT3 projects originally funded in 1999, CSTEP continues to enhance the technological resources and overall effectiveness of CalStateTEACH by developing and providing access to numerous materials that assist the program's Interns and Learning Support Faculty. These materials include such resources as web-based learning environments, online forums, multimedia project-based learning activities, multimedia portfolios, and teacher productivity tools.

For more information about CSTEP, visit their web site at http://cstep.csumb.edu.

Dr. Helene T. Mandell is the statewide director for CalStateTEACH. She has served as a regional center academic director (RCAD) as well as faculty and department chair in Teacher Education. Dr. Mandell is considered an expert in the areas of Multicultural Education, Language Acquisition and Educational Technology.