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The Haberman Educational Foundation
Bullying - We're KICKIN' IT!
The Responsive School Network at JPONLINE.COM
The Responsive School Network is an interactive online community of educators, community members, and concerned stakeholders dedicated to improving the instructional capacity of schools and districts around the world.

Members have the opportunity to network with other educators from around the world, share their successes , ask questions, find answers, and support each other in their continuing effort to provide ALL students with the keys that will unlock the doors of opportunity.
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One of the best things about being a part of the education community is coming into contact with so many fantastic people and caring organizations.

So today we wanted to highlight some of our partners and  organizations whose work is impacting kids across the country.

Please take a moment to visit the websites of the organizations below.  Each of them have something unique to offer and just might have something to share that you've been looking for.

Happy Holidays!

JP Associates
HabermanThe Haberman Educational Foundation, Inc. is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 based in Houston, TX and was chartered to promote and disseminate the research of Dr. Martin Haberman.

The unified and single goal of the Haberman Educational Foundation is to teach and implement research-based models for identifying teachers and principals, particularly educators who serve students at risk and in poverty.
Project ACHIEVE helps schools, communities, and families to develop, strengthen, reinforce, and solidify children and adolescents' resilience, protective, and effective self-management skills such that they are more able to resist unhealthy and maladaptive behavior patterns.
'Kickin' It' this little phrase has a variety of meanings...the most rewarding aspect of this phrase, it can be said to show support and help promote awareness for illness, disease and/or neglect.  This motivational phrase can also be used to show determination when one is wanting to 'Kick' a habit or an addiction, like smoking or when one is wanting to be optimistic about an unfortunate situation.
At the Kickin' It Apparel Company, each color "Kickin' It" logo, represents a specific cause. 'We're Kickin'...illness, disease, poverty, hunger, abuse, extinction, pollution, obesity, violence and bullying. Upon the sale of any Kickin' It merchandise, Kickin' It will donate a percentage of the net proceeds to each color related cause. Choose any Kickin' It Apparel or merchandise that represents a cause that you are passionate about. Wear your Kickin' It Apparel to show support or determination and wear it  anytime you are Kickin' It with family, friends, or a loved one.
When Kickin' It and/or the "Kickin It across America" RV attends a special event, 100% of the net proceeds will be donated to the specific cause for that event.  For the "BULLYING...We're Kickin' It! across America, National Campaign"  100% of the net proceeds are donated to each participating school to help encourage positive behavior and bring attention to the long term affects of bullying behavior.
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