The Haberman Star Principal and StarTeacher Selection becomes a true reform effort in the Decatur, Illinois Public School District #61.

To date, Decatur, Illinois, Superintendent Gloria J.Davis, requires all of the school leaders to be trained to use the research of Dr.Martin Haberman, Distinguished Professor, Emeritus, UWMilwaukee.

April 15, 2010 was the initial training of the District Leadership Team . Superintendent Davis was first introduced to the selection protocols while working in the Dodge City Kansas Public Schools. Because of her commitment to select the best teachers and principals for the students on her watch, she decided that every school leader responsible for selecting teachers and principals needed to be "on the same page" so to speak.

Superintendent Davis has accomplished her beliefs and values with regards to selection with the assistance of Deputy Superintendent Marla Robinson and the Director of Human Resources Jonnie Clark, both of whom have worked to ensure that the process is used with integrity. Student achievement of the children and youth of Decatur Public School District 61 is the number one goal!!

Comments from the Trainees who use the Selection Protocols.

  • The new Haberman Administrator hires are doing wonderful!
  • Extremely beneficial for hiring new administrators.
  • Very good insight into how to figure out a person's belief system. It's good to know that the traits and questions are research-based. It's a great tool for educators to use in order to pick the best educators for our kids.
  • Interesting and enlightening!
  • Great way to screen applicants.
  • Valuable information! Guiding work for progress in our district - meaningful and much needed!
  • Made me think beyond what we are use to doing in an interview! Great presentation and process.
  • This is very practical and useful info as we begin the new school year.
  • Very good information to generate thoughts and ideas.
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