Victory at Buffalo Creek
Delia Stafford,President & CEO
Haberman Educational Foundation, Inc.

One -Hundred percent (100%) teacher retention rate is a major key for sustaining student success. Would that every school could boast this kind of news story!

In 1996-97,the Houston Endowment provided funds for Spring Branch ISD to train every principal in the research-based interview developed by Dr. Martin Haberman, Distinguished Professor, Emeritus, UWM. Last week, I spoke with Spring Branch ISD Superintendent, Dr. Duncan Klussmann to let him know first hand the good news about Buffalo Creek Elementary School, the research and the essay Dr. Haberman wrote some ten years ago.

According to school leaders at Buffalo Creek Elementary School, in Spring Branch ISD, Houston, Texas, the twenty-seven staff members who were originally hired using the Haberman Star Teacher Selection Interview in 1997 are still teaching at Buffalo Creek. Ten staff members have since been added and are currently working a BCE. They too, were hired using the Haberman Star Teacher Selection Interview, for a total of 37 Spring Branch ISD, BCE, and Haberman Star Teachers. Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills, (TAKS) scores awarded in 2004-2005, BCE School received the Acceptable rating and in the year 2006, the school received Recognized status. These statistics further affirm the research of Dr. Haberman, which now spans 5 decades. The interview selects teachers who are mature thinkers, who will stay, teach every child, and never give up until the children achieve their best.

The current demographics at Buffalo Creek Elementary School; 680 students, 80.6 % Hispanic, 8.22% African American, 7.2% White, 3.5% Asian/Pacific Islander, 85% Economically Disadvantaged, 61.6% Limited English 74.8% At Risk.

We, at the Haberman Educational Foundation Inc., are please to have been affiliated with such a dedicated staff and principal at Buffalo Creek Elementary School. We wish them continued success. This essay written in 1997, still valid today in 2007,is a tribute to the Buffalo Creek STAR teachers and principals, office staff, specialist, cafeteria staff, custodial staff, students, parents and to all of the STAR teachers in America! At the Haberman Educational Foundation, Inc. our mantra is this; better teachers, better schools, better principals, better schools. Buffalo Creek Elementary has the best of both!

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