Need Help Selecting Your Next Superintendent!

No school district can be better than its teachers and principals. In order for a superintendent to be an effective school leader, s/he must know how to secure maximum effort and results from the current professional staff and how to recruit and hire even more effective personnel when there are vacancies. The Haberman Educational Foundation is able to assist School Boards select a leader with these precise skills. Our Foundation has a long and respected record of helping school districts select teachers and principals. There are over 160 cities and districts that use our Star Teacher and Star Principal selection instruments. Other districts use our on-line pre-screeners in order to decide whom to interview. We can assist school boards in identifying a leader who will create a common vision and secure
maximum effort from the professional staff. School boards may avail themselves of our services after they have identified a list of candidates they deem worthy of a personal interview. School board members may actually observe our interviews of candidates. The interviews are approximately one or more hours in length and reflects the beliefs of the best administrators who operate successful schools. We will provide a verbal and written analysis of each candidate.

For further information regarding how we might tailor our interview process to your specific needs, please call Delia Stafford, President Haberman Educational Foundation.

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