America’s Greatest Privilege
By Dillon Youngblood May 2005

At the ripe old age of seventeen, Dillon Youngblood already has a vision of what education means to America’s youth. He explores his thoughts in this short essay written for his English teacher at Pearland High School…….. Delia Stafford

One of my first memories of downtown Houston was a dark and rainy day with few cars on the roads. I was going to see my doctor for some illness I had. About five blocks away from our destination we stopped at a red light at the underpass. When I looked out of the window I saw a lot of homeless people taking shelter from the cold rain. When I said,

“Look” to my mother, we had already started driving off. Until recently, I didn’t understand the importance of education, free at that. Yes, we pay taxes which pay the teachers, but teachers pay taxes as well. I’m not sure how many countries are educated like us, but I am sure it’s not that many. Everyday when I wake up in the morning, I know I will learn something new.

My grandmother has been in education longer than I’ve been alive. She has always been very interested in my education as well as that of my siblings. When I told her one of my goals in life was to go to college and make something of myself her eyes lit up like the 4 th of July. This country that I love so much makes it possible to have an education, goals and even dreams. Yet some people don’t want to take advantage of the offer. I can’t remember what the literacy rate is but it is not all that great. People my age and younger are our future, and the life of everything on this planet is dependent on us.

Everyone has a chance to do what they want and be great at it. The fact is, most people don’t learn or live up to expectations because of fear and other things. I don’t believe in destiny and I don’t believe the future is already written. “ America’s greatest privilege for children is education.” I wouldn’t say it’s the only, but it’s in the top five.

Dillon Youngblood, seventeen years of age, is a high school student in Pearland, Texas.

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