Level Two Interview
Shirley E. Martinez and Rachel Roy
Pomona Unified School District
Program Administrators

The purpose of the "level two" interview is to provide the Pomona Unified School District with information about candidates for teaching positions. We focus on the areas of curriculum, instruction, and professional development because these are the cornerstones of the districts’ instructional initiatives. The "level two" interview is intended to measure the knowledge and skills of the applicant in relationship to their level of experience.

Candidates are asked questions to assess their level of expertise in the areas of curriculum content, curriculum mapping, lesson planning and design, implementation of procedures and routines, using assessments to guide instruction, and methods for teaching English Language Learners.

Each candidate is asked to bring a portfolio that includes a lesson plan, a curriculum map, and student work to share during the interview. Our districts’ “theory of action” for increasing student achievement is based upon a coherent integrated and aligned system of curriculum, instruction, and assessment. The curriculum defines "what" we teach, the instruction describes the "how" we teach it, and the assessment determines "how well" we did.

Each applicant is given an opportunity to explain the connection between each of the items in their portfolio. The applicants' answers are rated individually using one of the following: 1) doesn't answer question 2) partially answers question - few descriptors given; 3) acceptable answer - includes some descriptors; 4) complete answer - all or most descriptors given. When rating the candidates' answers to the questions, the interviewers take into consideration the number of years of teaching experience, their university preparation, and their professional development experiences.

We found the Level Two Interview very effective. By using the Haberman “Star” Teacher Selection Interview as a "level one" screening device and then conducting the "level two" interview with an instructional focus, we found we could have a complete process in assessing teacher candidates. And interestingly enough, we discovered a very high correlation between the rankings of both interviews. We have been pleased with the quality of teachers selected using this process.

The Haberman Educational Foundation,Inc. has trained 70 school administrators in the Pomona Unified School District in the use of the “Star” Teacher Selection Interview. The district also uses the Haberman on-line pre-screener for teachers. Foundation leaders are please to have this research and important information provided by Martinez and Roy from the PUSD describing their district developed Level Two Interview.

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