New Doctoral Dissertation Affirms the Effectiveness of Using The Haberman Star Teacher Selection Interview 

Dr. Pat Frey’s recently released research, “Ability of the Urban Teacher Selection Interview to Identify Teachers Who Are Likely to Be Retained in the Buffalo Public Schools” affirms with new data the value of using the Star Teacher interview to improve teacher retention in schools with at-risk students. Completed in November of 2003 and released to The Haberman Foundation in early 2004, the doctoral dissertation abstract declares, “In general, the higher the interview scores the longer a teacher was retained in the district after being hired” (“Abstract”, ibid.).

The research, which emerged from an intensive study of the use of The Star Teacher interview in The Buffalo Public Schools from 1999-2003, examines retention data in the context of national research in the field. Says Frey, “The ‘revolving door’ of teachers entering and leaving the profession has created the perception of a teacher shortage when in reality the problem is retaining teachers” (p. 52), and concomitantly, “Teacher attrition has been credited in part to shortsighted recruitment and selection processes” (p. 46). Use of the Haberman interview results in statistically significant increases in teacher retention as compared to data collected nationally.

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